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How to get and get rid of good startup ideas?

So this morning I had my friend Peppe visiting me for Saturday morning brunch. Peppe said he had recently read about a fashion startup called Fashism (fashism, like fashion, get it?). I remembered some folks I know who were doing something similar in a Garage48 event and a while ago something of the kind raised […]

Playlist from 1st quarter of 2014

Here’s a little something of music I’ve been listening the beginning of this year.

Reisikiri New Yorgist

Elasin 2013 aasta sügisel kaks kuud New Yorgis ja kirjutasin sellest Estravellerisse lühikese reisikirjelduse.

Introduction to startups (in a tech conference)

Here’s a presentation I made on DrupalCamp Baltics. The presentation has very little to do with Drupal, rather just general chitchat about startups @martinsookael knows how to make the “shit” come through to the listeners #DCBaltics — Martti Hallik (@nvmtheending) August 23, 2013 The following topics are covered: What’s a startup? Who works in a […]

Note to self – setting up a new mac

When visiting New York I was asked to buy a Macbook Air for a friend in Estonia. Part of the deal was, that I could play around with it for the 2 weeks when I was in NY until I got back home. Since I wanted the computer to be in mint shape when I […]

Emafirmade isamaa – Eestist startiva startupi seisukohast

Kes luges Sten Tamkivi artikli otsast lõpuni läbi, teab, et Sten kirjutas kõik ära ja tegi seda sealjuures väga hästi. Kui mitte muud, siis minu eesmärk on lisada diskussiooni ka väga varajases staadiumis startupi vaatenurk. See on see hetk, kus Sul on idee, meeskond ja esimene toode ning kodumaa, kus startuppidesse investeeritakse 200 korda vähem […]

Minimum Viable Startup

There’s this thing they call a “minimum viable product” – it’s the smallest portion of your idea that can be launched as soon as possible. I love this concept! But what about the startup as a whole? Is there a list of things one should do to become a “minimally viable startup”? Recent 1.5 months […]

Sirbi visioonidokument

Sirp ootab uuendusi. See sai viimastel nädalatel toimunud sündmuste valguses selgemast selgemaks. Isegi need, kellele ei meeldinud liigkiired arengud Sirbi toimetuses, olid nõus sellega, et Sirpi tuleb värskendada. Sirp peab hakkama kõnetama palju laiema ringkonna lugejaid kui ta seda praegu teeb. Tänapäeva lugejat aga praeguse must-valge Riigi Teatajat meenutava formaadiga ei püüa. Lehe poolt adresseeritava […]

Getting shit done

The miraculous land of startups! Clouds, angels, investors and instant billionaires! But before raising any of that sweet, sweet money they give out for free to people with good ideas we have to get some shit done! So – here’s my 2 cents about productivity. Most of this is pretty obvious to everyone who has […]