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Note to self – setting up a new mac

When visiting New York I was asked to buy a Macbook Air for a friend in Estonia. Part of the deal was, that I could play around with it for the 2 weeks when I was in NY until I got back home.

Since I wanted the computer to be in mint shape when I gave it over, I wrote down all the programs I installed.

So now, being back in Estonia, my own mac-s motherboard exploded (I think it was my 2nd or 3rd mac going with the same problem).

Fortunately my friend had kept the list I made for him, so I could set up mine very fast.

So just for the sake of having this written down somewhere (and so that my hacker friends could say wtf is, here’s my list of things to do with a new mac:

Move dock to right
System prefferences -> Mission Control -> Hot Corners (I tend to have all windows up left, desktop up right, aplication windows down right and screensaver with password down left).
System preferences -> trackpad -> Tab to click
Safari -> Show status bar
Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced-> Show develop menu in menu bar
Click battery -> show percentage
Software Update (but didn’t install Mavericks. I tend to wait some time with new versions of Mac OS X)
Terminal -> Made my own screen configuration

Downloaded and installed:
Google Chrome
Adobe Flash player for Safari

Command-line tools:
Homebrew just used this line:
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
NodeJs & npm
Command Line tools for Mountain Lion
Heroku Toolbelt
Nodemon (sudo npm install nodemon -g)

So it took me 30 minutes to get new computer ready for basic work and write the draft for this post. Nice!